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The Little Things

On one of my walks last week, I saw a couple of things that made me smile, and I thought, I haven’t shared this kind of post for a long time, so let’s resurrect it because heaven knows, many of us need these bits these days – as often as we can get them.

A few random things that made me smile:

A 4-day writing retreat in Albuquerque, New Mexico (okay, that’s kind of a big thing, but I had to include it)

Coming home to a family that misses you when you’re away

A kid, doing stunts on his two-wheeler who stops because his brother behind him yells “Stop! Look at this! One-handed” as he rides his bike with training wheels

A girl playing doctor with her big, stuffed bear on her front lawn

11-year olds who still don’t know quite how to use a telephone

Hugs from teachers who are excited you helped fixed something for them

Awesome colleagues

Ralph Cosham’s narration of Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache mystery series

My husband telling the dishwasher salesman all about our tuba player kid to pass the time while filling out paperwork

My friend’s live tweets as a first time viewer of The West Wing

The day that happens every once in a while when I feel confident about my writing

And you? What are some of your random bits that have made you smile lately?



2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Ooh, love the imagery of the little boy so proud of riding his bike one-handed, with training wheels. That made me smile! And congratulations on the writing retreat – that makes me smile, green with envy, and anxious for details as soon as you return. Great news!


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