Written By a Human (I Promise)

There’s been a bit of hullabaloo, panic, and outrage concerning the use of AI to make art, or more specifically recently, write books. https://youtu.be/q8PIhPd4bDI Prefer to listen instead? Listen via YouTube Hullabaloo’s a great word, isn’t it? I like it in this case because it reflects exactly what I think about the “controversy” of AI-generated… Continue reading Written By a Human (I Promise)


Character Connection

Want to listen to this post instead? Check out the YouTube version. In my forthcoming novel, As Though You Were Mine, my main character, Julie, is confronted with the death of her brother and sister-in-law. When my agent at the time and I sent it around to various editors, we initially received consistent feedback that… Continue reading Character Connection

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The Fallacy of “It Only Takes One Yes”

The other day, I asked an author friend of mine about her most recent manuscript. "Oh, that one? It's dead. No one wants it and my past publisher held on to it for six months before finally telling me they weren't going to move forward with it." This friend has, in the past, sold two… Continue reading The Fallacy of “It Only Takes One Yes”

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Story and Memory: The Little Prince

Many years ago, another teacher and I took some students down to Mexico. On the morning we were to visit the ruins of Chichen Itzá, one of my kiddos, a 14-year old, got sick. You know the one: ate something not quite right sick. We sent his classmates and my colleague on ahead to go… Continue reading Story and Memory: The Little Prince