Saturday Summation – 24 January 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Publishing Stuff:

The benefits of self-publishing over traditional publishing and vice versa continue to be debated on social media. Author Chuck Wendig posted about why he thinks it shouldn’t be a debate at all (I agree with this) because it really is a personal decision. I am not always as open-minded as I try to be about self-publishing, but I do realize that the reason I’m not is simply because of what I want for myself and not anything to do with the idea in general. I feel like, however, that some self-publishers are overly defensive, which is a shame, and even more so that it incurs responses based upon single data points of information. That being the case, I’m really glad that Wendig created another post in response to such a comment. I appreciate Wendig’s perspective, because he has seen both sides and continues to do so in his career. If you have some knowledge of publishing in general, I think his post his pretty affirming and informative.

Here’s some useful and interesting data that the existence of ebooks gives us these days: how much of a book did a reader get through? The Guardian talks about how Kobo and other e-retailers can track this data that can certainly help them analyze sales. Agent Jessica Faust ponders whether or not this can be helpful to authors… or dangerous. I kind of agree with this uncertainty! Authors are already told to stay away from reviews – can we bear it if we know we have good sales, but a bunch of them are by people that have stopped reading before getting halfway through? As if artists need another reason to doubt, oh my!

Writing Stuff:

My fiction writing would not be what it is without my critique partners. They are different than beta readers (although I have at least one who serves really well as both… although can you call someone a partner if you don’t really feel you return the favor? Hm…) in that they get to your manuscript before anyone else does – and help fix all the messes. Author Karma Brown talks more about the true value behind them and hopefully it will encourage you to find one or two of your own if you don’t already have one.

“Does it never get easier?  Do we ever feel like we know what we’re doing?” These are the questions that Mary Carroll Moore asks and basically answers no, and that is a good thing. If our writing continues to challenge us in this way, that means we are honoring the stories and the craft and giving our readers what they need and want.

Song of the Week:

Thanks to my friend, Tory, who shared this song recently. I have never listened to San Fermin before and I’m not even one hundred percent sure what this song is about/means although there is this fun quote about it from a band member on Billboard.com: “”Jackrabbit’ is the last song I wrote on this record,” says Ludwig-Leone, “and it definitely sums up some themes I’ve been circling for a while now. It’s fight-or-flight plus a marching band, which is basically my stance on everything.” And with that and the great rhythms and beat, how can you go wrong?

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