100 Words

Not to be confused with the Ten Hundred Most Used Words (Science) Challenge, I have been participating in a 100 words in 100 days challenge. Writing friend Natalia opened this up to a group of fellow writers who are all trying to just get our butts in the chair and getting those new or revised… Continue reading 100 Words

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Pushing Through

I thought about titling this “Pushing Through the Wall”, but sometimes, it isn’t a wall. Sometimes it’s sludge. Sometimes it’s those static-clingy things like packing peanuts. Or what feels like super glue. Or… well, I think you see my point. It’s the third week of January. The year is still NEW and yet already feels… Continue reading Pushing Through


The Obligatory New Year Post

What kind of relationship do you have with New Year’s Resolutions? How about with people who make them without fail? Or with those who shun them with utter disdain? I am rather ambivalent about the whole thing myself. Probably the last time I ever made any true resolutions was back in junior high when my… Continue reading The Obligatory New Year Post

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Saturday Summation – 27 October 2012

I have mostly writing stuff to share today, but I will start with one that kind of falls under both reading and writing… Reading Stuff: Agent Sarah LaPolla took a look at the evolution of Young Adult literature… when did it begin? This is a great question as it continues to be a hugely popular… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 27 October 2012