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Saturday Summation – 11 August 2012

I’m a bit behind on some of my regular reading this week, so any fabulous things from there may show up next week instead, but I still have a few other things that cropped up and stuck with me: Writing Stuff: My nephew, Nayt Rundquist wrote a post that reviews the “game” of Storymatic, which… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 11 August 2012

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Saturday Summation – 04 August 2012

Just three tidbits for you this week: Writing Stuff: Author Laurie Halse Anderson has started up her Write Fifteen Minutes a Day challenge again for the month of August. I love the simplicity of the idea and she offers daily tips and writing prompts for if you are stuck. Who can’t write for just 15… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 04 August 2012


Innocent Bystanders May Become Characters

My 10-year old son started writing a book this year. I can’t imagine where he got the idea. He’s got big plans for it and will likely see it published before anything of mine ever sees print. That kid has loads of talent and untapped potential. Quite a while back he asked me how I… Continue reading Innocent Bystanders May Become Characters

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Sampler Sunday Drivel…Drabble… well… Something

I think I went almost an entire week without writing. This has happened frequently over the past couple of months and even when I think I'm okay with it, I get to a day like today where I have a tight, nervous knot in my stomach creating an energy that makes it difficult to focus… Continue reading Sampler Sunday Drivel…Drabble… well… Something