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Pick-Me-Up Tidbits

Some weeks, I look around me, and news events bang their hammers down on me and then toss a few extra bricks out to lay me flat. Yesterday found me tweeting out bad news upon bad news until I realized I needed to find hope and joy. If you happen to be pinned down today—for… Continue reading Pick-Me-Up Tidbits


Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 8

Number of times yesterday I felt like I was the pace car in the Indy 500: 0 (Huzzah! It was a normal driving day! People are finally settling down.) Interesting item to be out of at the grocery store: regular Cheetos (plenty of "flamin' hot" Cheetos, though) Today was a weird day at work as… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 8


Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 7

Number of times I passed people on the highway on the way home from work yesterday because I was surprised at how slow they were driving: 10 Things I suddenly fear won't be available in grocery stores: Dr. Pepper I've been putting in super long hours at my job last week and this week so… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 7


Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 6

Number of times I almost got run off the road yesterday by someone driving 25mph over the speed limit: 3 (not bad!) Interesting item to be out at the grocery store: vanilla extract The Husband is home this week and he and Youngest Child are on a mission to bake the best donuts from scratch.… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 6