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Monday Minutiae – 03.08.2021

Cross-Curricular Studies A couple of weeks ago, we passed the 500,000 mark of those in the US who have died from the coronavirus, and the response from Texas and Mississippi was, yep, we're opening up 100% without any restrictions. It feels like a big "f*ck you" to all of those deaths. And I've been wondering… Continue reading Monday Minutiae – 03.08.2021

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Think, Feel, Do – a guest post by Jen E.

My audience is small, but perhaps you all can make it just a smidgen larger for just this one post. It is not much for me to offer up my blog space, but really, Jen's post is far more meaningful than anything I have ever written here, so as small as my audience may be,… Continue reading Think, Feel, Do – a guest post by Jen E.