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Saturday Summation – 27 October 2012

I have mostly writing stuff to share today, but I will start with one that kind of falls under both reading and writing… Reading Stuff: Agent Sarah LaPolla took a look at the evolution of Young Adult literature… when did it begin? This is a great question as it continues to be a hugely popular… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 27 October 2012

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Saturday Summation – 15 September 2012

Here are some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week. Reading Stuff: J.K. Rowling has a new book coming out – her first foray into adult fiction, A Casual Vacancy. There was already a lot of hype quite awhile back for the title and cover reveal, and the current preparation for… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 15 September 2012

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Saturday Summation – 05 May 2012

Here are some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week: Following Star Wars day comes Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that is far bigger here in the United States than in Mexico, save for maybe Puebla. I only mention it here because, as a Spanish teacher, I want to continue to… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 05 May 2012


Once Upon a Time Again

I’ve got this new novel started. It has a pretty good opening scene (or at least the start of the opening scene), a few other decent scenes, a few other crappily written scenes, and an overall plot and theme dancing around in my head. It’s really just barely started, but it’s also been just barely… Continue reading Once Upon a Time Again