Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 4

Yesterday my mother-in-law learned how to use FaceTime and the whole family was able to check in with her which was a lot of fun. WTG, Kathy! I also got to chat online for a few precious minutes with a FB writing group before our Internet conked out on us (but not for too long)… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 4


Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 2

Number of glares I received on the highway yesterday for not driving like someone would on I-90 through Montana: 5 Yesterday's Facebook feed was full of screenshots of videoconferencing - FUN. I am so glad my colleagues, family, and friends are embracing this. Plus, two of my friends and former colleagues surprised me with a… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 2

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Monday Minutiae – 4/22/18

New thing I’m going to try out: Summer Reading List I’ve got a novel idea surrounding the prolific “100 books everyone should read” lists, and since 99% of those lists consist almost entirely of white male authors, I figured I’d have to make up my own. NPR did a survey of people’s most loved books… Continue reading Monday Minutiae – 4/22/18


Saturday Summation – 19 September 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too… Writing Stuff: I’ve read various posts about how to stifle the inner editor… the one that tries to slow you down as you get the first draft words to the page.… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 19 September 2015