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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 15

Number of times my computer crashed on me during a meeting: 3 Thank you to all who let me know they actually read these posts. It helps to know there is some value. I do try to keep them short and to the point of LIGHT and FUN for an easy click, chuckle, move on.… Continue reading Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 15

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 A piece of "Flash Fiction"...  It is said that wallpaper can make or break a relationship. Just look at what happened on that TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, when Ray’s mother backed the car through the front of his house. Ray was quite unperturbed by the whole situation until he noticed the new wallpaper did… Continue reading Wallpaper

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Sampler Sunday Drivel…Drabble… well… Something

I think I went almost an entire week without writing. This has happened frequently over the past couple of months and even when I think I'm okay with it, I get to a day like today where I have a tight, nervous knot in my stomach creating an energy that makes it difficult to focus… Continue reading Sampler Sunday Drivel…Drabble… well… Something