About Me – Janet Rundquist

I am a writer. But this means I also have a day job.

I have had various hats in K-12 education. Currently I work in technical support for two elementary schools, housed in their media centers.

I have taught many things (English, Spanish, Computer Technology, plus a little Math and History) in many places (WA, TX, MI, MN, Nicaragua), and in many environments (traditional, open, alternative, one-on-one, online).

I am hopeful that you will see my books in your local library one day (and bookstores, of course!)

You can follow me on Twitter: @ProfeJMarie

2 thoughts on “About Me – Janet Rundquist

  1. After your insightful comment on the Pen Warriors blog, I thought I’d track your internet home down and see what you’re up to. 🙂 What you’re working on sounds fascinating, but it is hard, isn’t it, trying to hold a book in your mind while you work hard during the day? I don’t do that anymore, but I won’t forget how challenging it can be.

    Good luck, Janet!


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