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Monday Minutiae – 03.28.2022

If this is the only place you follow me, my big news is that I published and released my debut novel a couple of weeks ago! You can check out a good range of reviews about it so far over on Goodreads, and it’s available for purchase in print or ebook from wherever you prefer to buy your books online. Thank you for your support!

In other news, let’s check out some other things that have stuck with me lately:

Service Learning

In 2020, one of the writing organizations I’m a part of (WFWA), started “write-ins”. It is a time to check in on Zoom with your goals for a writing session, writing time, then check-in again at the midway and endpoint of the session. During this time, many writers all over the map got to know each other in ways they never probably would have. For all the negatives of the pandemic, we learn there are many positives we’ve taken from it, too. I haven’t even gotten to the best part of this story yet, though: during these writing dates, two writers got to know each other enough for one to donate one of her kidneys to the other, who has been in desperate need. It’s such a beautiful story. Learn a little more about it here from author Pamela Stockwell (the donor) and please hold a spot in your heart tomorrow, March 29, for the transfer to be successful for both her and the recipient, writer and journalist, Kelly Hartog.

Photo of Pamela Stockwell and Kelly Hartog with the WFWA logo and National Kidney Foundation logo

Technology Integration

In the author and reader world, there is debate about who “owns” a story. The person who wrote it? Or is it the reader—the consumer—once that book is released to the world?

And what about the pronunciation of the word/extension, “GIF”? Is it JIF (as the creator has indicated) or GIF (as many users say)? And if that creator has died, does the debate continue? RIP (pronounced /rip/) Stephen Wihite, who gave us the prolifically wonderful GIF, no matter how you pronounce it. Check out a little more about Wihite and the first .gif created.

Creative Journal

“What are you working on now/next?” < — a common question for authors or one I get asked is “how long did it take you to write xx?” Sometimes, the answer is complicated to both of those questions! For my part, I am working on a sister-brother story, but it’s one I started six years ago and since then I’ve written two children’s stories and my debut novel before just now coming back to my story about Lizzie and Justin. I felt like Jyotsna Sreenivasan’s article about “The Value of Percolation” had great timing, because it feels a lot like how I manage my stories. This one took longer to percolate than others, but I think it’s finally brewing.

Reading Levels

This is part personal promo, part book recommendation. If you like reading women’s fiction (you know, the kind of books that really showcase a character’s emotional growth), then I’d like to recommend Lainey Cameron and Ashley Hasty’s podcast, “The Best of Women’s Fiction” (website // YouTube channel). They have some very fun interviews and I can’t lie, I’m excited to be part of one of their special episodes where they interview six debut authors, including me!

Exciting new women's fiction debuts with 6 cover photos including ALL I'M ASKING

Another podcast I recommend, is WFWA’s-sponsored podcast (“Hear Us Roar“) hosted by author Maggie Smith where she features debut women’s fiction authors and guides them into really interesting conversations about not only their book, but their process in writing and publishing.

Currently Reading (audio): The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis (YA)

Currently Reading (print): Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho (A)

Song of the Week

h/t to my friend D.L. Williams for passing along this upbeat from Keb’ Mo’s latest album. Minnesota spring is not quite springy yet, but there is sun and there is this song, so I’m taking the glass half-full outlook for this week!

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