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Monday Minutiae – 12.06.21

3D book image with white cover. Part is torn away to reveal some black script lettering and a greenishi-bluish background.

Before I get into the “minutiae,” I want to share with you that NEXT WEEK I’ll be doing a cover reveal of my debut novel, All I’m Asking (March, 2022). I cannot wait for you to see it because it’s beautiful! I’m so happy to be sharing this part of my journey with you all.

Creative Fluency

When does one stop writing? Is there an age? I hope not, but author Hilma Wolitzer shares how creativity can change as we grow older. Check out this beautiful essay of her on writing at age 91. I want to grow up to be like her.

Thematic Units

This article is a few weeks old, now, but I I enjoyed this list of the most “bookish” cities in the U.S. Unfortunately, my own city didn’t make the list (for some reason, they didn’t look at how many books I buy and check out of the library, because I think I really could have helped our chances), but what I found most interesting was their algorithm. It included not only book stores, but libraries, little libraries, and book events. Is your city on the list?

Multi-Modal Presentation

For those who think all social media is bad, I thought I’d drop a couple of links here. One is about  a safety signal learned via tiktok that saved a girl’s life, and another is a purely fun one about “bringing Cowie home”, a stuffed toy (can you guess what animal it was?) left behind in another country (click on the tweet below to read the thread). Neither of these things might have come to pass without the power of social media.

Wait Time

I know I’ve been bringing up this issue a lot in my posts over the last couple of months, but I’ve worked in education for my whole career and while I am not teaching in the elementary school I work in currently, I see this in our students and I see how this is wearying the teachers I do work with. This article addresses the older kiddos and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to support the work of teachers right now who are putting more time into students’ social and emotional well-being than academics. And the truth is, our students won’t learn all of the academics without that emotional health piece. Take a look at this article with how we as parents can also help our kiddos as they transition–and it will take at least this year for the transition–into yet another new “normal”. At the end of last year we said we can’t go back to school “as usual”, and yet, in our excitement to be “back”, we’ve already forgotten this.

Assessment Rubric

I was thinking about how to intro this article about diversity in publishing, and the only thing I think I want to touch on is that for me, sometimes I think it is getting better. And it IS getting a little better, but not as much as I might think. It’s one of those things…when you are thinking about buying a certain model of car, you suddenly see it everywhere! For me, I’ve been putting lots and lots of effort into adding books by authors from oppressed populations to my reading list. And when you’re focused on that, you find lots and lots! But when it comes down to it, and the real stats of publishing as a whole come in, the proportion is still frustratingly skewed.

“While great strides have been made both in YA and in adult literature, the success of existing initiatives and some individual authors cannot be used as an excuse for the industry as a whole to become complacent. Publishing needs to continue the day-to-day work of dismantling the conservative and homogenous power structures that exist within it, ensuring that marginalised people get seats at the table at all levels, and in all areas of literature.”


Currently Reading – Audio: State of Terror – Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (A)

Currently Reading – Print: Hell of a Book – Jason Mott

Video of the Week

I haven’t watched the documentary, but someone on Twitter posted this snippet, which talked about the creative process. Enjoy!

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