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Monday Minutiae – 11.08.2021

Hallway Supervision

Here was a great conversation-starter tweet this week:

And while some debated back and forth about “Not All Schools,” the point Slater makes is interesting: if you’re writing YA, it’s a pertinent detail to consider when deciding what kind of school your characters attend. Will teen readers notice these details? I think many would.

But also, other fun stories came into play with this conversation about how many books students insist upon carrying in their backpack instead of using a locker, or stories of classmates using lockers as a storefront for clothing or…other stuff. 😉 And then, it brought to mind these Tik Toks demonstrating how delightfully clever and funny high school students can be in the face of a “no backpack” rule:

Intervention Strategies

In one of my writing groups, a comment came up about Margaret Atwood’s recent tweet-out of an editorial with some kind of title about “not being able to say ‘woman’ anymore.” I won’t link you to the tweet or the editorial because they are offensive and denigrating, but the gist was this idea that it is somehow rude or onerous to apply broader terms in our descriptions of people who are pregnant or are going through treatment relating to their reproductive system or some other such thing. If you look at the last part of that sentence, was it really that big of a deal that I said “people” instead of “women?” Sure wasn’t hard on my part. And look, this is how the wonderful writers behind the Skimm did this in a recent summary surrounding the debate (ugh, why is this a debate) on family paid leave:

“… It can take at least six to eight weeks to recover from childbirth. During that time, many new parents are learning to feed their babies. And a large portion (think: about one in three births) are recovering from C-sections.”

Were you confused by how this was worded? Nope, neither was I. Update your minds, Atwood and Rowling, and do better.

Open Media Center Hours

h/t to my friend Lynn for this video from The Dog-Eared Book bookstore which shares great alternatives to using Amazon for anything book-related. I’ve long since switched over to (or one of my local indie bookstores or even Barnes & Noble) and, but I did not know about the Goodreads alternative! Come find me over on The StoryGraph (I’m ProfeJMarie)!

Currently Reading (print): Yusuf Azeem Is Not a Hero – Saddia Faruqi (MG)

Currently Reading (audio): The Worst Best Man – Mia Sosa (A)

Song of the Week:

ABBA is back with new music!


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