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Monday Minutiae—Wait. No. Monday News!

New Look – New Site – New Book!

Back in January, I chose ELASTICITY as my one-word resolution with the focus on the “ability to change and adapt” definition, anticipating that I would need to do this more than I ever have before.

And “change and adapt” has brought me here, to show off my new website (shout-out to my son, Charlie, for his amazing work with this!), my shiny new Facebook page(feel free to give it a “like”!), and even more exciting, to tell you that my debut novel, All I’m Asking, will release next year! March, 2022.

Here’s a tiny bit about the book:

Temporary book cover with text: "Releases March 2022, All I'm Asking, A novel, by J. Marie Rundquist, Cover coming soon! Stay tuned!"

O​nline high school teacher Naomi wants to do it all: do everything she can for her students, support her daughter as she struggles with a new school, and help her best friend follow her career dreams. When she fails at all three, she’ll rely on a candy-loving book club to help transform her soured family relationships back into sweet ones.

Want to know more?  Check out the full book description on my website! And while you’re there, maybe consider signing up for my monthly newsletter. You’ll get a sneak peek into the book with a bonus scene just for signing up. 🙂

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I hope you’ll join me!

Also, if you’ve followed me on this blog for long, you’ll know that even with this short post, I will include a few things:

Currently reading (print): The Tiger Mom’s Tale by Lyn Liao Butler

Currently reading (audio): The Guncle by Steven Rowley

Song of the Week:

I’ve probably used this one before, but “Feelin’ Good Again” sure does feel right for some cheerful news on elasticity, so here it is again:

5 thoughts on “Monday Minutiae—Wait. No. Monday News!

  1. Fantastically well done, Janet. I can’t wait to read your novel and get to know your characters. I’m lucky to have read some of your past writing and so I know you’ll bring warmth, intelligence and humour to the page.

    So well done, friend.

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