Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 22

Number of times a tech support request came in and I just sat and stared at it blankly: 4

Sometimes I’ll get a question like, “My phone sometimes makes a weird sound” or “Why isn’t GridView working?” or “How do I make the Google ‘Message sent’ alerts go away forever?” And I just want to say, “I don’t know” and “Send”. But because I like the “Message sent UNDO X” Google alerts at the bottom of my email screen (seriously, who doesn’t? I don’t get it), I hit “UNDO” and give a different answer. Except for Grid View. Seriously, folks, I have no idea why Grid View doesn’t always work. I didn’t write the script for that nifty little extension.

I felt this tweet especially keenly, as one who hasn’t written in a month and am not sure how to start up again:

But I guess I can always transfer the writing skills to the grocery store adventure (h/t Annee Brizo):

Tell me, how many of you could get a daily blackout on this (h/t Kimberly Morain)?:

And finally, thanks to Jamey Vavra for finding this song for me. You all know I love the pandemic parodies/originals. It’s not a tuba, but still features some low brass and quite catchy. I love it:

Be well. Find joy and laughter when you can.

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