Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 20

Number of times I celebrated today after being done with a big work project: 9

Today was the first day I worked my normal hours in a month, and it felt great to be normal busy instead of non-stop busy.

Have you had one of those days where you thought, “geez, not another thing”?

*Cue Minnesota yelling YES to the past two days of snow*

Here’s your new worry, btw:

Those poor Germans. That’s quite a stretch. God bless unchecked typos.

And speaking of supermarkets (h/t Tasha Seegmiller):

If you ever doubted that marching band skills transferred to other areas (h/t Amy Robrahn):

If your family/roommates are driving you crazy, consider one of the lines in this song: “We can’t get on each other’s nerves if we’re dancing constantly.” I don’t think he’s wrong, what do you think? (h/t Beth Skarupa)

Be well. Find laughter when you can.

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