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Transition and Balance

Do you know what I really miss right now? Swimming. I’m grateful for spring weather and being able to go on walks again outside, but I really grew to appreciate how it feels to get a good workout while really being able to stretch out all parts of my body. That first push away from the wall as I move into the breast stroke feels so great. I love how when I’m done with my laps, I can still relax into the water and feel almost weightless.

Walking on a beautiful sunny day is great, but there’s no “bobbing gently in the air” you know?

YMCA pool
Look at those beautiful calm waters waiting for us to glide around in. Photo courtesy of YMCA Twin Cities (St. Paul-Midway)

Swimming was something that started my day right. I didn’t have to wait for the sun to rise (thank you, YMCA membership) and it ensured I got my exercise because for me, I lose all motivation at the end of the day to get myself going again once I leave work.

And now, of course, technically I don’t LEAVE work. And the sun doesn’t yet rise at 5:30 yet. Or even 6:00.

I’m not resistant to the change. Once upon a time, I spent eight years working from home and I loved it and I had it all figured out. So I don’t really want to be one more person talking on and on about how hard this all is, because A) I don’t find working from home fundamentally hard to do and B) even if I did, it’s not like my experience is unique or special in any way.

uno draw 4 card in jeans pocket
h/t Sam Morain

We’ve all got “hard” going on in different ways. Instead, I’m focussing on what I know to be true, but also know we ALL forget:

We will get past the transition stage.

Maybe not everyone, obviously, because some situations really are dire. No income, not enough food, many more days of uncertainty.

For people like me and many of you, though? Yes, things seem super stressful right now, but that’s because transition is super challenging. I recently explained to someone about how I love change, but I don’t love transition. Change represents new experiences, new processes, and often growth. In order for change to be complete, however, we need a transition process to get there. Transition often means disruption to routine, and humans love routine. Changing our rhythm and being out of sync feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Eventually, though, we find our new groove.

I’m jealous of all the “I’m bored” posts coming through my feed or “look at all these cool projects I’m getting done” or, more specifically to me, “I WROTE TODAY!” And even though I’ll probably not ever get to the “look at these cool new projects” stage, I know the transition will end and I’ll get back my time for writing, reading, doing my normal day-to-day stuff.

One step at a time!

I think I’ve used this song before, but it definitely seems apt for today’s post:


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