Learning the Distance Learning Curve

The other day, a couple of my friends shared out the video below with the caveat that they promised they weren’t criticizing teachers (I believe them), but they could SO relate:

It made me want to remind us all – parents, teachers, and kids/students – to be gentle with each other right now. This whole distance learning thing is hard! Especially when those involved didn’t want it in the first place.

Teachers are kind of in a no-win situation because some parents will be upset there isn’t enough instruction and work being given to their children while others will be like this friend of mine, who signed her email message to a teacher as follows:

Sincerely, [Student’s] Mom, who is at home with four kids, three on IEPs, with very little chocolate, and who didn’t realize all FIVE activities were due on the first day.

“Too sarcastic?” she wondered. “Because that’s a lot of work for ONE day for ONE of six classes….”

It IS too much, so I hope the teacher took a breath and said “it’s okay, have him do what he can”.

But I also know teachers really do want provide your students with every learning opportunity they can. They are worried about their kids, just like their parents are.

So I will finish off my post tonight with one quote from an expert, and a couple others from me. Take from them what you will.

Deep breaths and gentle thoughts to you all.

What do you think? I'd love to discuss!

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