Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 10

Where are you all at on the physio-emotional scale of things right now? Today was a desperately needed day off from everything related to the coronavirus. I caught up on a couple of things I’d let slide because work invaded so much of my time and later, my brainspace. It will again, but for today, it was good to just let my introverted self work on re-charging a bit by working on “normal” things.

Here are a few things that have made me smile in the past day or so:

Do you remember me telling you about Nick Heath? The guy who started doing play-by-play videos of mundane goings-on in his neighborhood? Andrew Cotter took his lead and now we have one with food-time for dogs:

I tuned in for a couple of minutes on Nick Heath’s live Pub Quiz. He’s done a couple of them and they are just random trivia questions, not necessarily about rugby (tonight’s first question was “What is the capital of Belgium”, for example). I missed the selfie opportunity he presented, but I still took one later, surreptitiously. 😉

Are you a Brooklyn 99 fan? Do you remember the episode where Rosa’s girlfriend was practicing all kinds of different hairstyles on Rosa? Here’s another couple doing the same thing, except with character and era themes:

I don’t have a commute anymore, so I’m unsure about whether or not I will start up a new audiobook. But, I will take any recommendations of ones that are well done that are light and fluffy. Sound off in the comments or tag me or whatever!

May your weekend be restorative.

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