Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 9

I hope some of you are enjoying these little snippets. When I started it, I wanted to share things to make people smile and forget some of the awful or the anxiety for a moment because people are so clever, and that cleverness brings joy to my heart. I mean, when I read of a friend who is proud of the fact that she has, for the first time that she can remember, cooked dinner for 11 days in a row or that another’s kids are doing daily dress-up for “guess the character” for her Facebook friends, it brings me joy. Little things, y’all. They all add up to a Big Heart.

And frankly, yesterday was a difficult day, and even though I was exhausted, I figured I needed some of that Big Heart for myself, so I took the time.

Because who can pass up this person’s investigation into the origin of the word “Triscuit”?

Nope, I’m not going to give you the rest…you’re gonna have to click out. 🙂

And what about these ducks, just chillin in the middle of the McDonald’s drive through lane?

Wait, that was ME in the middle of the drive-thru lane. Sorry cars behind me.

Or, and this is what made me smile most earlier in the day, some on-topic stop motion action from Graham Love:

And his tiny props photo!

And finishing up my audiobook, finally, with a very satisfied sigh.

Here’s hoping for a rejuvenating night’s sleep to do as much as I can for one last day in the school building before settling in for Round 1 of Stay At Home.

Cheers, all.

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