Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 7

Number of times I passed people on the highway on the way home from work yesterday because I was surprised at how slow they were driving: 10

Things I suddenly fear won’t be available in grocery stores: Dr. Pepper

I’ve been putting in super long hours at my job last week and this week so far, but yesterday, I celebrated being able to leave before 5:00pm! Everything is prepped and ready for tomorrow, when families will pick up their students’ supplies in order to begin distance learning next week.

I accidentally told my colleagues that I have a blog, so now I’ll have to start saying nice things about them, I guess. Heh. I work with some really great people, so I think it will be an easy task. I wish I had a photo of our gym right now to help show the magnitude of what both our teachers and our amazing paras have done to get us ready for these distribution days. I know it won’t be unique to what so many others in other schools and districts have been doing, so consider it a HUZZAH for them all.

In the meantime, I do have these fun photos from a couple of students who came to cheer us up a couple of days ago:


Tag me, will you, when you see more of this kind of thing… life-sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Currently Reading (print): Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes (A) – Kathleen West

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

BTW, one benefit of the long hours of technology prep? Extra audio book listening time!

BTW #2: Both of these books are great! I only wish I had more time to devour them this week, although savoring a book is good, too.

Keep on truckin’.

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