Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 6

Number of times I almost got run off the road yesterday by someone driving 25mph over the speed limit: 3 (not bad!)

Interesting item to be out at the grocery store: vanilla extract

The Husband is home this week and he and Youngest Child are on a mission to bake the best donuts from scratch. Their first attempt a couple of days ago didn’t work out so well, but mmmm, this second attempt was pretty successful, for sure!

I sent along that “I will survive” parody to my staff last night, and a colleague responded with a Danish parody of her own… so serious! (Except, not, of course):

Some writer fun (h/t Chris Adler):

A couple of sources shared out a series of tweets from Tim, the head of security for the National Cowboy Museum, who is now in charge of their Twitter feed. I suspect the tweets are purposely designed to show Tim as inexperienced with social media, but they are entertaining anyway and nice to think of a good man just trying to keep things running. Here is a link to a series of his tweets and you judge for yourself – real or just for fun?

Currently Reading (print): Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes (A) – Kathleen West

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

Got some fun stuff to lighten the load during quarantine? Send it!

Cheers, we’re all in this together, in our separate living rooms.

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