Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 4

Yesterday my mother-in-law learned how to use FaceTime and the whole family was able to check in with her which was a lot of fun. WTG, Kathy! I also got to chat online for a few precious minutes with a FB writing group before our Internet conked out on us (but not for too long) and considering how solitary writing can be, it was great fun for us to connect and laugh together.

Speaking of writing, we were polling each other on who has been able to write anything before COVID-19 truly invaded our lives. A few had. I have not and I’m a little bummed about how I’ve not written anything for a couple of weeks now, but my One Word Resolution, I’ve remembered (unlike last year, when I had gotten my words mixed up half-way through the year, HA!) it is FLOW. Right now, I’m focused on work and the transition to working from home and figuring out the new normal for awhile. That’s the flow. It’s all good.

I mentioned yesterday how I’ve been preparing All The Devices to send home with our students and getting ready to support my teachers as they figure out how to do distance learning and shout-out to my Hillcrest family (my previous school) for finding this video on surviving that shift:

And let’s face it, why is anyone fighting this opportunity? ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Finally, y’all, This guy who is commentating on everyday stuff because he hasn’t any rugby to follow? THIS is why we have the Internet. It’s brilliant. Below is a sample, but you can check out other videos here, or, of course, you can be like me and immediately follow him on Twitter for more.

Currently Reading (print): Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes (A) – Kathleen West

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

Cheers to you all and feel free to share more of the fun in the comments or contact me otherwise to include fun stuff in future posts! We’re all in this together – at least we CAN be, right?

One thought on “Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 4

  1. I have recently discovered audio books too and am now reading Wildland by Rebecca Hodge (text) and The Nightingale by Kristin Higgins (audio). Wow I can read two books at once for the first time! I feel like the opportunities for book consumption during this Earthly pause are now endless! I think I can’t write because my brain is using its creative muscles in other ways to help my family adjust to this new normal. Like you, I’m going with the flow. Stay safe!

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