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Monday Minutiae – 03.11.2019

Listening Comprehension

For my current WIP, I’ve got a book theme… as in, it’s circles the idea of one of those “100 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die” lists. And because of that, I’m discovering that Cliff’s Notes (or Spark’s Notes, the online version) aren’t necessarily enough for me to feel comfortable referring to for my characters to discuss their books. But man, I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with all the books I want to read for the FIRST time let alone adding in re-reading some that I didn’t even necessarily love. So, I’m taking advantage of the audio book route. One fun discovery: Animal Farm on disc from my library was read by Ralph Cosham, who narrated so many of my favorite mystery series by Louise Penny. It was like a warm welcome. I’ve plenty more books in the line-up. Maybe I’ll succomb to listening at a faster rate…

Summer Reading List

On a related note… I came across this article about books that are commonly required of students in various countries throughout the world and it’s pretty interesting! Not only are the titles interesting, but the reasons for including them in that country’s literary canon. Much like here in the U.S, some reasons seem great, others…not so much. My TBR just toppled over into a huge mess and I am tripping all over the place with what to read next.

Works Cited

Even more on books… piracy has always been and will always be a problem. This article talks about the frustration of misinformation some piracy hosts blatantly propagate. No, authors do NOT think it’s okay to go download their book for free from a random site. Years ago, a site called Napster was sued for illegal music piracy and was used for quite some time as the poster child for proprietary advocacy of musicians and their work. We have all probably shared music illicitly at some point, but when I started teaching about copyright to my students – which explored things like artistic piracy, I changed my ways. I buy the music for my writing playlists. I buy books – and if I don’t buy them, then I borrow them in the way they are supposed to be read for free – from the library.

Currently Reading (print): Merci Suárez Changes Gears by Meg Medina

Currently Reading (audio): Lord of the Flies by William Golding (I know, but the things we do for writing research!)

Song of the Week:

Not long ago, I put together a playlist of music that brought me back to my childhood days – you know, in the time of no personal digital accounts to find my own music so I listened to parents’ vinyls. Here is one of my nostalgic listens:

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