Commit – Continued.

 So, January happened.


I considered writing a post about “how to write while the world is effed up”, but there are already lots of posts out there like that and let’s be real, though they might be doing wonders for others, they aren’t actually helping me. Advice, have I none.

Instead, I’m remembering my one-word resolution, “COMMIT”. It’s time to put words to the page, even if it’s only a few words a day. I know writing helps me. I know it. So, time to commit.

I’ve got my current manuscript playlist going as I continue my efforts to put running in as a regular routine – or even walking – and I will get there.

Perhaps I should re-open a manuscript I started a while back, but set aside. Maybe starting fresh will be the way to go. Maybe gleaning some optimism that my current manuscript doesn’t need a major overhaul is enough to energize me. Who knows? All I can do is commit to trying.

And the beautiful thing about writing is that reading is a necessary part in developing the craft. How lucky that I have several books to recommend as a result of so much studying!

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch (A) (my Goodreads review)

Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie (A) (my Goodreads review)

I Was Here – Gayle Forman (YA) (my Goodreads review)

Funny Girl – Nick Hornby (A) (my Goodreads review)

And so, a few words at a time, with books to nourish, I commit to the writing thing that has known, positive results.

And if you are lost, may you find your way again soon, too. I am rooting for you!

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