The One Word Resolution – 2017: Commit

Things that make me especially happy and a bit grateful today:

  1. My whole family and I having today off.
  2. Having another week before I start a class.

As one who works in education, I am also ever grateful for winter break and even more thankful and appreciative when a district opts for a calendar that allows for 2 full weeks off. I am not currently in a position where I desperately need this full 2 weeks, but I remember the days of teaching in the classroom and noticing a huge difference at having 2 weeks off instead of a week and a half or even just over a week. I know that in many ways this time off is a privilege, but I’m not going to back away from the ever-present argument that teachers put in gobs of hours and in order to serve our children best, this perk is well-deserved.

With this kind of grace period, the desire to make New Year’s Resolutions grows. I’ve written before about my take on New Year’s Resolutions – and I haven’t really changed my stance on it except that a couple of years ago, I remember reading about the idea of a single-word resolution. The idea is to find a single word that you can focus your energy around that might make all list-style resolutions act as stepping stones.

Two years ago I chose invest. I was in a company that I started to feel uncertain about and had a role that was one part rewarding, one part draining. As a firm believer in “you get what you give”, I knew that the more I put into making the job better for myself, the more I would get out of it. Invest. It applied to a lot of other aspects of my life, too.

I seemed to have skipped it last year, but I wanted to come back to it again this year. My word this year? Commit.

I feel like I’ve been sort of wishy-washy with some of the areas in my life in the past months and recognized that I needed a change. I’ve already enacted some of this in the past month. For example, I’ve been wanting to become a runner again, so 3 weeks ago I started taking advantage of the indoor tracks at my district’s high schools and dove into a Couch-to-5K program – I’m in week 4! I’ve also enrolled in a class to start on a path to an additional licensure and there are a couple of other areas I really want to simply commit myself to so that I can make things happen.

When I originally read about this idea, it was suggested that you write the word down somewhere you can see it easily and frequently, to encourage you to keep on track. That’s my next step today.


What about you? What one word will you use for your year-long resolution? I’d love to read about it below in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The One Word Resolution – 2017: Commit

  1. Love the whole idea of one word to remind and encourage and affirm me. You know my word – FAMILY. Great song too, esp. for young people like my AMAZING Grandchildren.

    Love, Kathy

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