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Saturday Summation – 30 April 2016

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Reading Stuff:

I’m betting if you are an avid reader, you already know it to be true that books can be both therapeutic and educational. A “Reading Well for Young People” campaign is underway in Britain has doctors including recommended books (including novels) as part of their treatment regimen for mental health issues. I love it. A book is obviously not a cure all and isn’t the sole “prescription”, but what a great idea to help with a “you are not alone” aspect.

Nicole Mulhausen in Book Riot talks about “maiming or claiming” books. She writes in them, dog-ears pages, highlights, etc. I do not like to write in my books (and I always found it super distracting to buy used, written-in textbooks in college), nor do I like the dog-eared pages (and no, my books don’t have to stay pristine… there’s something to be said about a well-worn/loved book, but I do like them nice for as long as possible)…. but I  do like the idea of how, when she buys or starts reading a book, that she has notes at the beginning about circumstances. There was a related Book Riot article (maybe also by Nicole?) that talked about inscriptions, too. I might have some leeway for both of these excuses for writing in books.


Writing Stuff:

When you become serious about writing, you eventually discover how good you are at overusing certain words. My characters love to shrug, shake their heads, and try to do/say/think things (boy do they love “trying”!). So when I see this piece on “thought” verbs, I’m all over it because yes, it turns out my characters love to think, wonder, and consider a whole lot, too. Time to liven it up, Janet.

Discussion of POV (point-of-view) have cropped up in my writing circles lately and, like any craft focus, there are lots of opinions behind when to use different POV and how to use it. Mary Carroll Moore answers a question about time given to each POV and a few more basics.

If you know me very well, you know this next article is how I often approach life. I go with what opportunities come my way and am not afraid to, as Barbara O’Neal puts it, take the next leap in career or life in general. There’s a lot to be said for forced self-evaluation at different junctures to help prepare ourselves for something new, wanted or unwanted. O’Neal leans into the writing career leap, but her post addresses the broader message of life/career changes.


Recommended Reads:

A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Blackman (A) – (my review)

Mexican Whiteboy – Matt de la Peña (YA)

Camo Girl – Kekla Magoon (MG) – (my review)

The Great American Whatever – Tim Federle (YA)


Video of the Week:

The West Wing fans will get a kick out of the beginning of this video where Allison Janney take the real White House press secretary podium for a talk about substance abuse, though she starts out with some quips from the show.


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