It feels like a long time since I’ve posted anything (besides that Reads/Recs post 2 days ago) and even though I primarily subscribe to the idea that one should only post to the blog when you have something and that it shouldn’t be a source of stress, I do feel a little remiss when I have these ideas I want to share, but can’t seem to form the post to frame them and let the blog go dark for 3 weeks.

So here are a couple of random thoughts to ruminate for now – (or chide me, whichever) which also explain my absence, should such an explanation matter to anyone:

1. I teach and January is typically a little more hectic. I teach online, which means I have students from all kinds of different schools with all different semester end dates. And also because I teach online, learning is self-paced and tons of assignments come in at the last minute. I say all of this because sometimes, time really is an issue with fitting time in for writing. Or reading.

My point? When writers argue the point about the importance of blogging (though if you read this post, you’d know I think “importance” is a misnomer), many acknowledge that if time is short and you are choosing between your fiction writing and your blog, fiction wins out and always should. There is no need for platform if your purpose for building it doesn’t go anywhere.

So I have been heeding that advice. I write slowly, so the moments I give over to writing in general I have tried to give to my current WIP.

(Current wordcount for the WIP: 52,000. If NaNoWriMo were actually NaNoWriYr, then I TOTALLY WON.)

2. Working on my current WIP has provided me with many moments of intimidation, creating that fear commonly known as writer’s block. I went for a while without writing much of anything at all, much less working on the novel. Then, I pushed myself back into it, but then I ran into something that surprised me a great deal. To re-immerse myself into my story, I re-read some of my chapters and thought, oh, this is actually some good stuff. And this intimidated me because I started thinking, what if I can’t follow through and make everything else match what I’ve already written?

This business of writing has shown me how quickly I can go from being confident to incredibly insecure, so fear of not being good enough is no surprise. However, it’s never stopped me. It still isn’t, but for the first time it did throw a few rocks in my path.

So, if you made it this far, let me throw out a couple of fun tidbits I came across this week so you don’t feel like you totally wasted your time clicking onto this post.

Tweet of the week:

It’s nothing earth-shattering, it just made me giggle:

Twitter conversation of the week:

Sesame Street floated one of my very favorite childhood books onto Twitter – “There is a MONSTER at the end of this Twitter conversation” – and thank you to Jonathan Liu for compiling the interactions that subsequently occurred with Wil Wheaton. You should absolutely “click out” on this link.  It’s sure to bring you a smile:



Song of the Week

Since I’m all about trying to devote my writing time to the novel, I thought I’d play a song from my novel-writing playlist. For unknown reasons, pretty much anything Maroon 5 seems to sink me into my story and characters. This particular one isn’t specifically on my playlist, but I thought I’d throw it in here, because in the “Radio Game” (trademark by friends Amy and Scott), my husband always loses this one because he says Levine’s voice is too low at the beginning. Ha!

6 thoughts on “Riffraff

  1. I had to look that nanononbooboo thing – http://www.nanowrimo.org/ National Novel Writing Month…got it. I am looking forward to reading your next book! I love the part about how after putting it down for a while you went back and re-read it and thought “this is good stuff”. Yay!

    I love the twitter post about the word gauge – it should be gage. Just keep it simple.


    1. Ha! I have a friend who doesn’t like the “gage” spelling at all. Maybe we should just get rid of the word altogether and make up a new one. 😀


  2. Thanks for the part about the insecurities and not being sure you can keep up with writing good stuff. You can go from being proud to feeling like a complete loser in seconds when writing!

    Also, the Sesame Street/Will Wheaton thing was perfection and make me giggle! I hadn’t seen that, so thanks for passing that along! 🙂


    1. Flip flops of “I can write pretty well” and “Why would I think anyone would pay to read this drivel” happen all too frequently. This is why we don’t quit our day jobs!


  3. I get the writing mood swings too. Tor have just opened their doors to unsolicited novel submissions, so I’m giving my manuscript a read through to pick out the mistakes, and I found myself thinking ‘Yeah, this is quite good’. Only a few days before, I’d been panicking and replotting the entire thing…


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