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Saturday Summation – 12 January 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Reading Stuff

Look at this – McDonalds is doing something right – in the UK at least. Happy Meals will use BOOKS for their prize. Check it out: “McDonald’s to become UK’s largest book distributor with Happy Meal deal”

Since I would never actually write a post about this, but it ranks as my top overused word of the year, I’ll pass along this one about the misuse of “literally”. Even if you know how to use it correctly, maybe y’all could just stop saying for a while for my sake?  If you are a “Parks and Recreation” fan, you will likely enjoy that the post includes a video of Chris Traeger using the word all over the place.


Writing Stuff

I frequently reflect in my mind about how the search for an agent and the goal of publishing batters the self-esteem quite successfully. Agent Rachelle Gardner reminds me of the more rational voices in my head as she talks about The Facts vs the Story You Tell Yourself.

Last week I nay-sayed all the “resolution posts”, but since a few months ago I had set a personal goal of writing daily for at least 15 minutes, I figured I could share a few posts on that:

  • One woman shares her own experience of how doing a 3-page long-hand freewrite every morning helped her understand herself better and made it easier to make some life changes. Your changes might not be as dramatic as hers, but it’s a variation on a theme of journaling – she swears by the length, method, and time of day. She got her idea from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.
  • Blog birth: Write Despite… weekly posts from a group of writers and their goal to write every day for a year. Their first post has some fun quotes and what I like best is that they remind you that your goal can start on any day and of course, does not have to be as long as 365 days. 😀
  • Blog birth: Steph’s Wordplay… a friend of mine who is trying out the write every day goal. Based upon her Twitter updates, she’s had a good first week. However, I also know she’ll keep it real for us – not all weeks will be a smashing success, and that’s okay

Jack Reacher author Lee Child is in the spotlight these days, of course, with a movie of his out right now – but also because he just keeps cranking out the books. The best part of his guest post in NY Times blogs section is that he models the answer to the question of how to create suspense within his post – and I’m going to meanly spoil the answer here: “How do you make your family hungry?” And the answer is: You make them wait four hours for dinner.”


Other Stuff

I don’t care what you think about the politics of our current administration (or of ones past), but on a “real people” factor, it ain’t bad. I love when government officials remember to just be people. The White House website has a policy that when a petition reaches a certain number of signatures, it will respond. The joys of social media created the awesomeness that is this petition – “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016” – and the subsequent response from the White House.

Song of the Week

If you didn’t click out for the “Stop Saying ‘Literally” post, here is the Rob Lowe/Chris Traeger “literally” clip:

One thought on “Saturday Summation – 12 January 2013

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! I did have a very good first week and I’m glad it worked out that way….might have been discouraging otherwise. But as some days this week were better than others, I know some weeks will be better than others, but I’m still committed to this one!

    Also, thanks for the Lee Child link! I love his writing and Jack Reacher is one of my favorite characters. This article was a great read and I learned a few things.


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