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Saturday Summation – 08 December 2012

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Reading Stuff

I confess to not always being a big fan of Kickstarter, but I love the idea this guy has for an adult version of Choose Your Own Adventure – with Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I couldn’t tell you if it will be any good (the author is Ryan North, a Canadian comic book writer) and based upon this quote from him about what it will contain and how it will include “things that I’m pretty sure haven’t even been done before in the medium”, I’m even less sure (has he done that research?), but it will be interesting to find out.

“Best of” lists began their circuit this month (and last month), and there will be plenty of ones about books. To get you started, 2 lists in one: The New York Times put out their list, then The Huffington Post countered with their own. ie: Both lists in one location!


Writing Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I referenced an article about we can consider our own lives as secondary characters to people around us. What if our stories are too distracting, though? This post by Jennifer R. Hubbard explores how we need to be careful to balance the “supporting cast” of our novels so as not to distract, cover up, or overwhelm the main characters and the primary plot.

I especially enjoyed this post by author Sherry Thomas regarding details that strengthen character and reader emotions. Too often when people write about increasing/improving details, they simply mean description- adjectives and things that reflect appearance. Thomas does this too, but she focuses on examples about items that might better represent a character and his or her memory or further develop character and not just if the edges of the curtains in the bedroom were midnight blue lace.

Song of the Week:

I just discovered Family of the Year, a seemingly very close-knit band from California. Have you been listening to them from the start and I’m just late to the party? 

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