A Rare Post About Grammar – Just for Fun

Being an English major sometimes meant people assumed I might correct their grammar as they spoke. Then I went and taught Spanish for a bunch of years, and everyone forgot that I could still correct him/her if I really wanted to. HA!

Except that’s obnoxious, so even if you mess up numbers 6, 8, 9, or 14 below, I will refrain from getting all up in your face about it. Well… I might slam you for 14, but only because it is the MOST OVERUSED WORD OF 2012. So, um, there’s that.

I was actually a little reluctant to share this because, to be truthful, I really don’t care when people make these mistakes in informal situations. However, I like fun reference graphics. So that’s what this is – something just for fun that might also be useful!

It may be a Minnesota thing, but the whole “borrow/lend” thing is missing from this handy graphic, otherwise I thought it was a fun thing that a colleague shared this week.

Thanks to Blue Glass and Copyblogger for allowing any and all to share on his/her own websites.
15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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4 thoughts on “A Rare Post About Grammar – Just for Fun

  1. I lost 5 points on a paper once because I used affect/effect incorrectly. That’s the downside of automatic dictionaries … they can’t figure out when you’ve used a word incorrectly! Enjoyed this immensely.


    1. I bet you rarely mixed them up after that! I had a college prof who slammed me so much on grammar and punctuation that I met with her to go over it all, ostensibly to argue the deductions since I had thought I was pretty solid. Why yes, yes I learned that even if it is ONE teacher who insists that the Oxford comma must exist, it is worth it to always use it. 😀

      For my own students, I always make a big deal out of saying yes, they should use the spell check – but it is not a replacement for actual proofreading – but I suppose it’s true that if they don’t actually know the difference, they still won’t catch it.


      1. Actually, I still have to look them up each time. I think in this instance I didn’t actually think. Despite my arguing with the prof, I could not get my 5 points back! He said, rightly so, that the paper was not perfect and could not therefore receive a perfect grade. We have gone on to become friends and there is no doubt it inspired me to work even harder on subsequent papers.


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