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Saturday Summation – 06 October 2012

Here are some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week.

Writing Stuff:

Author Nathan Bransford suggests that in order to be a writer, it’s not necessary to write every day. I feel like all of us writers should know this, but even so… I always appreciate the words from someone who has some influence, as he definitely does. We all have all kinds of styles and habits.

Show, don’t tell! Keep the action going! Famous mantras in writing, no? Author KM Weiland gives a nice piece on how sometimes, you really don’t want to show all the action, as not all action is created equal. “When to Not Show the Action.”

Carolyn Kaufman posts on the QueryTracker blog about how personal crisis/emergencies can lend authenticity to our own writing of similar circumstances in fiction. She gives a couple of examples and I can’t help but agree. Almost two years ago I had need of a paramedic and by the time I was in the truck, I was chatting with the paramedics about how useful the whole experience was considering I was writing a medical emergency scene in my novel. Obviously I wouldn’t ever wish for direct experience of such things, but to use it to my advantage – well, why not?

Reading Stuff:

Frequently on Amy Sue Nathan’s blog, Women’s Fiction Writers, she has guest posts from authors who give their definition of what women’s fiction is. Views on this genre can be quite varied. Author Karen Stivali attempts to define the difference between women’s fiction with heavy romantic elements vs strict romance. I post this link here because what I write resonates with her definition. Also, through the first couple of comments, I have also learned that Nathan probably wouldn’t like her guest author’s novel (which is an odd place to write that) nor would she like mine. 😉


Feel Good Video of the Week:

This is not a song, but the courage this woman had and the grace of the network to allow her the screen time is worthwhile. Local news anchor Jennifer Livingston talks openly of harsh words she received regarding being a role model in spite of being overweight. She has an open response with a good, overall message about dealing with bullying of any sort. Readers here may not “need” the message, but she also helps give us the words and attitude to respond the same to other vitriol we see.

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