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Saturday Summation – 11 August 2012

I’m a bit behind on some of my regular reading this week, so any fabulous things from there may show up next week instead, but I still have a few other things that cropped up and stuck with me:

Writing Stuff:

My nephew, Nayt Rundquist wrote a post that reviews the “game” of Storymatic, which is a set of character types, actions, and scenarios that can help the writing juices get flowing. Some writers have ideas pouring out of them like water, but not me. I’m good with prompts, but I also need the “right” prompt. I’ve been reconsidering writing short stories lately, and this kind of thing would probably help me if I decided to go that route in the future.

Allison Gibbons talks of including technology in fiction, meaning, is it logical to pretend that characters wouldn’t text each other vs. call? Should authors pretend that Facebook doesn’t exist? Does inserting it interrupt the fabric of the story? On the whole, no. Technology has an important role in how we communicate, so it has a place in our writing.

Reading Stuff:

No article to share, here, but a general question. Thoughts about Goodreads? I’ve only sort of recently signed up with it, then promptly ignored it for a long time before getting back on to rate a bunch of stuff. Do you find it helpful – more specifically, are reviews there more helpful than on Amazon? I’m still in the phase of wondering if it is worth taking the time to get invested in it.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Writer Joel Runyon had an unexpected encounter with a majorly influential person in a coffee shop recently: Russell Kirsch, creator of our first programmable computer and digital images. His take away message is inspiring (“Nothing is withheld from us which we have conceived to do. / Do things that have never been done.”) and just for fun, I looked Kirsch up for more information, and found this recent (June) article from Wired about Kirsch’s reflections on the choice of their approach to pixilation for imagery. “Square Pixel Inventor Tries to Smooth Things Out”

Song of the Week:

Earlier this week I posted about fan fiction-turned-novel and threw in the idea of cover songs being like fan fiction, too. I’d asked Twitter friends what their favorite cover was. I received several answers, but SweetasMandy1’s “Life is a Highway” by the Rascal Flatts won for being A) clean and B) it was used in Cars 2. Who doesn’t like images from a Pixar film in a song?

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