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Saturday Summation – 04 August 2012

Just three tidbits for you this week:

Writing Stuff:

Author Laurie Halse Anderson has started up her Write Fifteen Minutes a Day challenge again for the month of August. I love the simplicity of the idea and she offers daily tips and writing prompts for if you are stuck. Who can’t write for just 15 minutes a day? We all can. It’s a great thing to consider even if you aren’t specifically a writer. Are you a journaler? Consider that – especially if you have found it therapeutic in the past. She allows for teachers to use her prompts in the classroom (with proper credit, of course), and I’m considering choosing a different month during the school year to pose this challenge to my online students.

In a similar vein, author Tayari Jones has offered up her own version called Write Like Crazy (or more accurately, #WriteLikeCrazy). She, too, has been offering up tips to make this happen for yourself if you are taking up the challenge to write every day. Her challenge is much more broad, but she also encourages you to sign up on her facebook page to offer you the community aspect of it, too.

Language Stuff:

Each language has it’s own words for ideas or descriptions that cannot be translated into other languages. In an older post re-shared, Pamela Haag lists some words in other languages that have no direct translations in English about love and relationships. I have a couple of favorites, how about you? “The Top 10 Relationship Words That Aren’t Translatable Into English”.

Song of the Week:

Did you know there’s an official song for the London Olympic Games? I didn’t. Here it is… “Survival” by Muse.

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