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Saturday Summation – 26 May 2012

Here are some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week:

Reading Stuff:

The debate on the appropriateness of Young Adult literature content re-opened for a bit when US News posted this article about whether or not YA novels should have some sort of rating scale on them. Honestly, I think reading the book jacket cover and the first 2-3 pages should give an honest reflection of a book’s content, but I can understand parental concern even if I do not necessarily agree with it. Huffington Post’s Andrew Losowsky posted a reaction article that gives some useful feedback and tools for those who hold more concerns. I liked the resources he listed and the comparison to the movie rating system.

Writing Stuff:

The general consensus that I have seen among authors about responding to negative reviews of their books has been to not do it. Author Elle Lothlorien is one who disagrees. I don’t have an opinion that reflects experience at all, but I can see some of her reasoning and there is something to be said about having the dialogue… to a point. When she talks of how reviewers have removed or changed reviews after conversations she’s had with them, however, is when it started to feel a little “skeevy”.

A few weeks ago I included in my summation an article about James Patterson and his success along with the idea that his name on books is mostly just for branding, now. This week, Keir Graff, on Booklist Online wrote a funny piece called, “James Patterson’s “Books”: A Novel Not by James Patterson.” It’s kind of long, but even if you only read half of it, you’ll likely get the full entertaining gist.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Apropos of nothing here, I leave you with some Lumineers:

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